When I can’t get Microblading

  1. If you dream of strongly underlined eyebrow and you like strong, sometimes even exaggerated effects, microblading will not give you such results. My clients often show me photos of eyebrows from the Internet immediately after the procedure, often heavily retouched, expecting the same effect. Unfortunately, well healed microblading effect will never look like this and I want you to be aware of that and not to feel dissatisfied with the effects of the procedure. If you want to do heavy, evening make-up, you should use color cosmetics. Permanent makeup is supposed to be a base, it is supposed to always look beautiful, with or without make-up.
  2. If you show me photos of other artists’ work and expect the same effect, I will not perform the procedure either and it’s not because I can’t do it 😊
    • Each Artist has a specific style. If you like the work of another artist, make an appointment with her, and don’t expect me to declare that I will make eyebrows from the photo. On my website and on my Instagram profile are over a thousand photos of my work, if you don’t like any of them, why do you want to perform the procedure with me?
  3. If you are naturally light blonde and have light eyebrows but want to darken them.
  4. If your skin is very sensitive and often bleeds. Unfortunately, the effects of the treatment on such skin type are not good and aesthetic. I know very well how the healed results will look on such skin, but you don’t know it. Therefore, trust me when I tell you that your skin is not prepared for this type of treatment.
  5. If you have absolute contraindications that exclude the procedure. The list of contraindications can be found here.
  6. If you do not accept the rules of my studio.