What’s PhiBrows Microblading?

PhiBrows Microblading is the most modern and precise permanent eyebrow makeup that guarantees a very natural effect. It’s considered to be semi-permanent makeup. It’s much more delicate than the traditional permanent makeup, but its effect fades a little faster.

Using this method I can correct the asymmetry of your eyebrows, make the missing hairs optically thicker, or completely reconstruct the eyebrows, giving them a beautiful shape and natural color.

All the process is made by hand with a pen and a micro-blade, made of many tiny needles, that creates micro cuts on the skin. Micro blades are disposable and perfectly sterile. The method has been known for many years in Japan, and it was brought to the western civilization by PhiBrows. Besides, the brand created better pigments that improved the treatment’s effectiveness and durability.

However, before you decide to perform the treatment, you should learn more about all the aspects of Microblading. I believe that knowledge about the entire process, the effects that may occur, and the know-how after the treatment, are the keys to your satisfaction. If you decide to proceed, please make sure that you fully understand and accept all of these aspects. Also, I recommend you do deep research about the artist that you want to visit. Please look for our logo, because the Microblading Phibrows Treatment is only performed by certified artists. Each of them has a logo with a number and surname on it. Only these artists are truly representing Microblading Phibrows. There are many self-educated people who try to perform this treatment without training. Sometimes they advertise their work by using other artists’ portfolios, ruining their good name. That’s why, before you decide on the treatment, make sure that you have chosen an experienced artist with extensive knowledge about the types and structures of the skin. Make sure that their portfolio isn’t fake. Only then you can fully trust the artist.