PhiAcademy is a place where art meets extraordinary product.
When you acquire these special skills, you will be able to enjoy the best eyebrows in the world. These skills can change your life, regardless of your level. These skills change ordinary people into extraordinary artists, many times known and recognized around the world.

Regardless of what you know about this technique or PhiBrows brand, I guarantee you that you are in the right place and time to start this challenge that will change your life forever.
PhiBrows training courses are known all over the world for the rigorous program included in the Craft Master Application. It contains several levels that must be completed in order to receive the title of PhiBrows Artist. That’s why our students are highly qualified and respected all over the world. What makes us different is that no previous experience in the cosmetics industry is required. Besides, Branco Babic, the founder of Phiacademi, claims that no talent or other manual skills are needed to start this course. The most important thing in achieving success in this field is daily practice, work, consistency, commitment and discipline. You must remember that knowledge has no value if you do not put it into practice.

Just to be clear, no one is saying it’s going to be easy. Like any other skill in the world, it takes time and work to master it.

After completing the training, you will join the elite group of PhiAcademy Artists, the prestigious and largest Academy of Micropigmentation and PMU.

PhiBrows artists are a group of specially selected linergists, whose works stand out from others and meet the highest standards of quality, customer service and hygiene.

The services of PhiBrows Artists are used by stars of show business, music and influencers around the world.

With this international title, you will also have the opportunity to develop, for further education and to achieve the next steps of the Hexa Plan created by PhiAcademy.


You will get the first step of the hex plan by signing up for the PhiBrows training. After 2 days of live training, you will receive access to the Craft Master app to continue your practice training on latex and models.


A student who has passed all levels of training is able to make beautiful works both on latex and leather, and has passed the theory exam will receive the title of PhiBrows Artist. Not every student will receive this title. You need to show solid work, skills and knowledge to become a member of the elite group of PhiBrows Artists around the world. If you receive this title, you will also get a certificate confirming your extraordinary skills and a place on PhiMap, where all PhiBrows Artists around the world are located.


Artists who demonstrate special skills and whose work stands out from other artists in their country may apply for the title of Royal Artist. This is an extraordinary distinction that has been maintained by PhiAcademy. Each Royal Artist receives a new logo and the right to conduct improvement training sessions – Royal Artist monitoring. Through her work, she can help other artists take their work to the next level.


If a Royal Artist shows great commitment to helping other artists and his work is noticed, she can reach the next level of Master Assistant. After that she has the right to help her master in conducting training and taking care of her students.


A person with this title has right to conduct training of PhiBrows method and achieves the highest level of education.


The highest honor in PhiAcademy, for masters who have introduced their own technique or are distinguished by outstanding commitment to training their students. There are now less than 20 of them in the world.

I started my adventure in 2018, being at the bottom of this pyramid as a student. In five years I gained almost all degrees and became the first Polish Woman with the title of Craft Master. Right now, at this stage, I can teach you this beautiful and delicate eyebrow pigmentation technique – Microblading PhiBrows.

Below I have prepared information for you about the PhiBrows training for beginners, as well as for those who have already work with the microblading technique, but they want to improve their skills.
Trainings are taking place in Katowice after a predetermined date in groups of max 3-5 people.

Each participant of the training receives the Starter kit, which includes all the necessary products, with which you can work for many weeks after the end of the training.

The PhiBrows training, which is conducted by me, is a combination of two PhiBrows Microblading methods and delicate shading between the hairs, the so-called PhiShading. During one training you will master two techniques, microblading and microblading&shading.

The training consists of TWO DAYS live and 4 or 6 months online (depending on the type of course you choose).
During two face-to-face training, you will learn the working technique, brand philosophy, everything about the products, information on pigmentology, drawing eyebrows according to the golden ratio rules, hygiene of the workplace and skin structure.

The first day of face-to-face training is the time for theory, getting to know the products and the first attempts to work on latex skins.

The training lasts about 8 hours, including lunch and coffee.

On the second day of training, we work on models. However, you do not perform the procedure yourself (if you choose training for beginners), I draw the eyebrows and the first traces, while you fill the hair with pigment, thus learning the correct way to hold the pen and stretching the skin.

The training lasts as long as you need, there is also a time for lunch and coffee.

At the end of face-to-face training you will receive the initial training completion certificates

After two days of training, you will get access to the Craft Master Course Platform, where for a period of 2-6 months (this time depends on the type of course you choose), you can pass individual levels of the training, you will obtain unlimited support from your Master and will have access to many theoretical materials, videos. Also you wille have contact with other artists and masters from all the world.

The materials available in the Craft Master Application include several lessons about color theory, issues related to hygiene, PhiBrows products, eyebrows construction, contraindications to the procedure, eyebrows drawing, the entire procedure on the client (video), eyebrow pigmentation procedure and healed results. Also we will learn about marketing issues, how to advertise your services on the web, how to take a beautiful before and after photo and how to attract customers.

In addition, you will get the motivation and support of the Master during the training period as well as after the training, access to videos and materials of Masters around the world thanks to the Craft Master application.

After completing all the levels you get the title of PhiBrows Artist!!!

Then you can be sure that your work is at the highest level, because you have completed training at the most prestigious PMU Academy in the world!

Motivation and support from the Master do not end when the course ends. When you receive the title of PhiBrows Artist, you belong to PhiFamily, whose greatest values are mutual support and fair competition. All PhiBrows Artists are committed to the rules of friendship, high standards of work and the quality of their services

A beautiful new chapter is waiting for you!!

A huge dose of knowledge, practice, work and commitment await you, but the satisfaction you will get after winning the title is worth it!
You never know how much potential there is inside you until you start doing what you love. Only then will you get access to the right door that gives you amazing opportunities for your career! The only thing that separates you from this is your choice, so choose wisely!


STANDARD TRAINING – includes two days of face-to-face training and 4 months of access to the Craft Master course application

The starter set includes: disposable blades, liquid for skin disinfection, SUPE pigments, universal PhiGlow Holder, BBcompas – a compass for measuring eyebrows using the golden ratio method, scissors, tweezers, pencils for painting eyebrows, tissues for eyebrow care, latex peels, containers for pigment eyebrow care cream after the procedure. The Standard Set contains enough products for about 50 treatments.

PREMIUM TRAINING – includes 2 days of face-to-face training and 6 months of access to the Craft Master course app

The starter set is additionally equipped with the additional pigments and blades as well as products for eyebrow care after the procedure. The Premium Set contains enough products for about 80 treatments.

STARTER TRAINING (for people with experience)- includes 2 days live and 2 months of access to the Craft Master application and a basic starter kit including basic pigments and blades. The Starter Set contains enough products for about 30 treatments.

This training is dedicated to people who have already have experienced the microblading technique, but want to learn the special PhiBrows technique. After completing this training and passing all levels of the course, you also get the title of PhiBrows Artist.

There is a possibility of getting individual VIP training, then 30% is added to the regular price (STANDARD, PREMIUM, STARTER TRAINING).

In addition, when you purchase one of the available training variants, as a bonus, you get access to 4 online courses, so you can learn more about hygiene, skin structure, marketing techniques, top customer services and how to attract new customers. These are the courses:

1. Skin Ekspert
2. Higiene
3. First Class Service

4. Get More Clients