Mariola Wróbel – Wicher

PhiShading Master

My adventure with PhiBrows started a few years ago when I decided to change my career completely. After working as a nail technician for almost 15 years, I’ve become a professional stylist and started to work with the most delicate permanent makeup in the world – PhiBrows Microblading.

In 2018 I completed my first PhiBrows Microblading training and joined the exclusive group of PhiAcademy artists. Becoming one of them, I’m representing the most prestigious and largest Microblading & Pmu academy in the world. After three years of work, my art was highly appreciated and I received a special award from the Academy: I was promoted and became a Royal Artist of PhiAcademy. As a Royal Artist I was permitted to conduct training sessions for PhiBrows Artists, the so-called, Royal Artist Monitoring.

PhiBrows artists are a group of selected permanent makeup artists and only they are allowed to use the PhiBrows logo that confirms their abilities. The main goals of the Academy are to promote artists all over the world, whose work meets the highest standards of quality, hygiene, and client service. The work of PhiBrows Artists is constantly monitored in order to maintain a high level of quality

The services of PhiBrows Artists are chosen by celebrities, influencers, movie, and music stars. In Poland, the PhiBrows brand is not as well known as in other countries, but this is going to change over time. That’s because our brand follows permanent makeup trends that change constantly. Besides, we also help to create them. PhiBrows has launched many of the newest makeup styles, such as FluffyBrows, BoldBrows, and BreezyBrows.

If you want to start your adventure with permanent makeup and change your life for good, I invite you to visit the training tab. If you dream of beautiful, symmetrical and natural-looking eyebrows, check all the information about the procedure in the microblading tab.