Henna Powder

Henna powder is a natural product, obtained from the leaves of Lawsonia Inermis, which will color your hair and your skin, and also nourish them effectively.

It contains many vitamins and nutrients. All of the ingredients are completely safe for your health. Unlike classic henna, the henna powder treatment does not require the use of hydrogen peroxide which can damage the eyebrows.

Thanks to this treatment, your eyebrows will be shiny, nourished, and colorful.

Henna Powder will also tint your eyebrow skin and fill in all areas where your eyebrows are thin or sparse.

Powder henna effects last much longer compared to those made with classical methods. Powder henna effects are visible on the skin for up to 14 days, and on the eyebrow hair for up to 6 weeks.

Before the visit
An allergy test should be done at least 48 hours before the procedure. Just schedule an appointment with me a few days before the henna powder treatment, and I will do it for you!

The allergy test should be done by women who have never performed such a procedure, as well as by women that are allergic or pregnant. If an allergic reaction occurs, the treatment mustn’t be performed.

The colors
PhiBrows Henna Powders are made in many colors and shades. They will allow us to perfectly match the colors to your type of beauty.

That’s why brunettes, blondes, and ladies with red hair will all be very satisfied with the effects of the treatment.

The shape of the eyebrows
The treatment starts by drawing the eyebrows in accordance with the principles of the Phibrows Golden Ratio and the exact geometry of the eyebrows. It guarantees symmetrical, even, and beautifully styled eyebrows.

The treatment cannot be performed if the client is allergic to any component used during the procedure. Also, it mustn’t be performed if the client has inflammation of her eyes, eyelids, or her eyebrow area; skin disease; abrasion; injury; swelling; sunburn; or recently performed exfoliation treatment.

Post-treatment care
After henna powder treatment, you should follow a few rules that will make the effects last for a long time. First of all, remember that the final color of the eyebrows will appear about 24 hours after the treatment. Do not apply any makeup products around the eyebrow area for 24 hours.