PhiPowder Brows is the eyebrow shading technique, which I perform with a special machine and permanent makeup pigments. This technique is also used in order to obtain very natural powder effects or pixel effects.

Nowadays, we are returning to what’s natural. Thick and bushy eyebrows are dominating the trends. All those who want to have very dark and tattooed eyebrows should be reminded that the 90s are already over. Currently, the main goal of permanent makeup styles and techniques is to obtain the most natural effects. Unlike the conventional powder technique, I create the eyebrows using complex shading techniques. There are two types of shading:

ombre eyebrows: are strongly saturated with more intense shading at the bottom and the end of the eyebrows. The shading is much softer at the top and the front of the eyebrows, which creates a 3D effect.

powder eyebrows: saturation and shading are almost the same all over the eyebrows. This way, the eyebrows look as if you have applied eyebrows shadow on them.

This technique is perfect for refreshing and correcting old, faded, or improperly made permanent makeup.

Who is a good candidate for powder brows?

The PowderBrows technique is suitable for all skin types and for all ages. The main goal of modern pigmentation is to create a fresh appearance that harmonizes with the client’s facial features. Permanent makeup is the right solution for every day and every occasion. It’s used in order to emphasize natural beauty and correct all imperfections.

Is it painful?
The pain perception is different for each person. There are many active ingredients that reduce or increase the sensation of pain, e.g. stimulants such as caffeine or taurine. Stress, anxiety, menstruation, fatigue, or lack of sleep also may result in a more intense pain sensation.

How long does makeup last?
Permanent makeup lasts for 1-3 years. Its durability depends on several factors: condition and type of skin, client’s habits, post-treatment care, medications, chronic diseases, and sun exposure. Makeup refreshing is recommended every 1-1.5 years.

Is the correction of permanent makeup with the powder method also necessary? Just one treatment would be enough?
The correction of Powder Eyebrows is recommended after 4-6 weeks (6-8 weeks in the case of mature skin) after the day of the procedure. Correction is not only recommended to remove possible imperfections and apply corrections to the eyebrows. Also, thanks to the correction, the final effect will last longer and the color will be more intense.

How to prepare myself for the permanent makeup treatment?
24 hours before the procedure, do not drink alcohol or energy drinks. Also, do not drink coffee on the day of the procedure.
The treatment should not be performed on freshly tanned skin. Wait 7-14 days until the tan fades.
Your skin shouldn’t be dry, but well moisturized. Also, gentle peeling can be performed a few days before the treatment.

Is there any post-treatment care?
7 to 14 days after the procedure, make sure to avoid all of the following:

– touching eyebrows with hands

– eyebrows contact with animals

– doing sport

– swimming pools, saunas, sea baths

– tanning

– makeup, foundations, and powders around the eyebrows

– creams, tonics, and eyebrow lotions (only the special post-treatment cream can be used)


The pigmented areas must be clean!


Once the eyebrows are healed, they should be always protected with cream with a UV filter, when they are exposed to direct sunlight (also to artificial light in the solarium).

The most common mistakes during the eyebrow healing process are:

– scratching and scraping scabs

– performing peeling around the eyebrows in the first weeks after the treatment

– rubbing the pigmented area

– soaking eyebrows with wet compresses

– getting your eyebrows wet in the bath

– working out, swimming

– applying makeup around the eyebrows


– permanent makeup is not evening makeup, created for special occasions. It should also look good when you’re without makeup and you go to the swimming pool! The permanent makeup should be delicate and subtle. At first glance, no one should know that your makeup is permanent!

– the natural passage of time and changes in facial features are always taken into account, for example, reduced skin tension and possibly the appearance of wrinkles.

– permanent makeup is performed in an individual way for each client. It emphasizes natural beauty and hides all imperfections.