Post-Treatment care and healing process

Remember! 50% of the final effect depends on you. The first week after the treatment is the most important time!

You need to follow the next steps:

First day

30 minutes after the treatment: wash your eyebrows with a cotton pad soaked in boiled, cool water to help the lymph flow and remove the rest of the previously applied cream. Then apply a very thin layer of special, post-treatment cream, as indicated.

These steps should be repeated every 1 hour, at least three to five times during the day. If the procedure took place late in the evening and it is not possible to repeat the procedure three to five times, please cover the eyebrows with a plastic film. This way you will protect your eyebrows from drying and you won’t remove the dye.

The second day

Wash your eyebrows with a cotton pad soaked in boiled, warm water in the morning, and put the post-treatment cream on. Repeat the procedure in the evening. If your skin is very oily, wash your eyebrows and apply the cream only once a day.

You need to repeat this procedure for the next seven days until the scab falls off.


The first 7 days

After a few days, a scab will appear on your skin. It will itch a little, but you mustn’t scratch it or damage it, because it will fall off and remove the dye! After 6-7 days, the scab should fall off by itself.
During the first 7 days after the treatment, the eyebrows should be treated very gently. There are wounds in your eyebrows that need to be healed! You can’t touch your eyebrows right after the treatment, because you may get an infection. Also, you should put clean sheets on your bed and lie on your back, in the supine position.

The healing process: if are getting permanent makeup, no matter what method you chose, your eyebrows will go through the healing process right after the treatment. The scabs will appear about a week after the treatment and your eyebrows will flake off and be a little patchy. During this time, you must not put any makeup on your eyebrows to cover up the imperfections!!! You cannot forget about this. You cannot put makeup on the eyebrows and forehead for 10-14 days after the treatment. You also need to know that each skin type reacts differently. Sometimes only small, almost invisible scabs will appear and the healing process will be very quick. In other cases, the healing process is a bit more complicated.

Around the 10th day after the treatment, no pigment is visible. Only after a few days, the pigment stabilizes in the skin and the eyebrows become darker. However, after the first treatment, the eyebrows may be uneven, so it is important to undergo the second part of the treatment. Only after this correction, you will get a satisfying effect.

What to Avoid:

During the first seven days after the treatment, no creams should be applied to the eyebrow area (you can use only the post-treatment cream), You cannot apply face foundations, powders, or hairsprays. Stop doing any activity that causes sweating. Don’t go to the sauna, get a face massage or undergo steam treatments (nor the inhalations). The eyebrows should not be wet, except for daily care – you can only wash them with a wet cotton pad.


The first 30 days

Avoid sunbathing.

Don’t go to a solarium. Don’t do light therapy, nor use chemical peels. Microdermabrasion procedures and creams with regenerating properties also are not indicated. You should never undergo laser treatments (Fraxel, Laser, IPL) that affect the area of the eyebrows because they can damage the pigment and cause burns.

The use of antibiotics and hormones can make the pigment fade more quickly.

Always use sunscreen on the eyebrows (only when they are completely healed after the treatment).


What You Should Know:

The Microblending treatment consists of two, sometimes even three parts: the first pigmentation and the additional pigmentation that is necessary to get a satisfying effect. After the Microblending treatment, the pigment is absorbed during the 30 days.

After 8-10 days no pigment is visible. It appears 14-28 days after the treatment. You should be patient and remember that the Microblading method is a process that consists of several steps. You need to go through all of them, so you can enjoy beautiful eyebrows for the next several months.

The effect lasts on the skin from six months to three years. Usually, an additional correction should be made after 1 year.

It should be remembered that the Microblading treatment is not a procedure whose effects last for life or several years. Eyebrows made with traditional permanent makeup methods last for several years, but they turn blue, green, or purple after a few years. Thanks to the Microblading method, you can decide what you really want to do with your eyebrows after a year.