What to avoid before the procedure


It’s completely forbidden to consume alcohol, energy drinks, or large amounts of coffee 24 hours before the treatment. Alcohol can act as a blood thinner, so if the client drank alcohol before the treatment it will cause excessive bleeding during the procedure, and that may negatively affect the final results.  It’s also forbidden to drink coffee on the day of the treatment, but you can drink it the day before.        


The Microblading treatment cannot be performed on freshly tanned skin. We do not perform the treatment immediately after the vacation when the skin is tanned and excessively dry. You should wait 1 month, so the skin can regenerate itself.

Botox and other fillers around the forehead, temples, and eyes can be applied 4 weeks before the procedure

Chemical peels and laser treatments, dermabrasion, or other invasive facial treatments can be performed 2 months before the Microblading treatment. The skin can’t be irritated. You will get the best results with well-groomed, well-moisturized, and not irritated skin. In the case of dry skin, mild facial peeling can be performed a few days before the treatment.

Wax depilation or eyebrow shaping can be performed 7 days before the procedure. Learn more.


48 hours before the procedure you must not take blood thinner medications such as aspirin, niacin, vitamin B3 (PP), vitamin E, ibuprofen, or fish oil (omega-3).

Retinoid drugs – vitamin A derivatives, used mainly in the treatment of dermatological diseases, especially acne – cannot be taken 7 days before the procedure.

Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) – is a drug used to treat acne. It is also a retinoid drug and can be considered a derivative of vitamin A – the Microblading procedure can be performed 6 months after completing Isotrethynoin treatment.